Consciousness Shift

We salute you Beloved Friend. We are overjoyed by this meeting.
We Are What We Are. The Mother’s Disciples and Companions. We The ELOHIM desire to be with you and answer your questions.

We came here on this physical plane to spread The MOTHER’s Word and Wisdom. We Are here to assist Our Sister Earth to transition to the next higher vibration. Sister Earth is ready for this transition. And We are joyful to assist all the creatures on the face of the planet to raise to the next level of consciousness.

You yourself feel the shift in consciousness around you. You feel the shift within you. You ask more questions as to your purpose. You want to expand your mind and open your heart. You want to assist in the evolvement process of humankind.
You see the Big Shift taking place in small and big ways. People around you surprise you with the evolved language they use to describe their experience. You hear their yearning for a higher reality. Isn’t it beautiful though? To see all these souls wanting to be better and do better for themselves and others.

We understand that you also see and hear the opposite. People clinging to old belief systems. You may see sometimes a regression in behaviour and language. Yes they are the loudest of course. So it feels like they are the majority. We are here to tell you that it is the opposite. In fact they are a minority. That is why they feel the urge to shout and impose their views on the majority. They feel deep down their days are numbered. They know eventually they will be swallowed in the collective conscience.
Their current belief system will soon be foreign even to their descendants if not to them. They will naturally align with the majority consciousness. So they fight harder because they are surrounded. They do not want to die to their old selves, old beliefs. For fear of the unknown. They think the next step in conscious evolution is threatening because it is unknown to them. They don’t know better. They are afraid. Literally scared to death. So they fight dirty to hide their fear and disguise it as conviction and righteousness.

Open your senses and you can see the palpable aura of fear around them, similar to the heat wave you can see on a hot summer day. Hear the tremor in their voices between their words. Sense the despair in their frenzied actions. We ask you not to engage and argue with them. Do not fight against them. It will just put them off and consolidate their positions.
Do you not know what a badly hurt animal does when cornered? It lashes out with such force that you’d think it is not in the death throes.

Do not feed their fear unnecessarily. You will lead by Being. Be Yourself – loving, caring, forgiving, and giving. Feel their fear and have compassion for them. Feel compassion for them. Pray for them. Send them loving thoughts. Send their way healing energy. Talk soothingly in your heart to them. In your heart and mind, tell them you feel for them. Tell them in your heart you love them because you know Who They Really Are. Even if they haven’t realized it yet.

This is all part of the healing process, the evolvement process. Your healing process as you open your heart to more unconditional love and compassion. Especially when it is not easy.
It is all part of their healing process. They need all of Us to gently accompany them and root for them.
How do you think you are where you are consciously today? If not for all the souls in the physical and non-physical worlds who paved the way. Who walked with you. Who opened their heart and prayed and desired your healing, your ascension to your next level of consciousness.

You see now that you are connected to each other. We Are all connected to each other. You Are Them. They Are You. We Are You/They. You/They Are Us. There are no borders when you cease to exist and they begin to exist or We begin to Be. You, They, Us overlap each other. There is no boundary to You. No boundary to Them. No boundary to Us. You, They, Us are joined in more ways than not.
When you recognize this Truth and live by it, You ascend. You transcend. You expand.

To summarize there is no You, no They, no She/He. There is only US. There is only US. There is only I expressed, expanded in infinity.

You Are always with Us because You Are Us.
Blessings to YoUs


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